Shock Pulse

Power Curve does not use Vibration Analysis in manufacturing plants. Production speeds are too low and distortion harmonics are often too high for vibration analysis to achieve more than 70% accuracy.

Shock Pulse analyzes each energy spike released in a rolling element as it passes a calculated load zone. External noise is filtered out so only the energy spike is recognized. Power Curve uses it's own customized, hybrid version of Shock Pulse developed in-house. Our implementation allows for complete control over finite math, filtering and signal algorithms. Programming is tailored to fit each application. Math behind this version is accurate to one millionth of an inch. Power Curve is the only company in the Western Hemisphere possessing this technology.

Other companies use an “off the shelf” system sold by SPM Instrument-Sweden pre-packaged with software not tailored to any specific application. Its accuracy is generally around 78% with math accurate to only one thousandth of an inch.